• Stylish gravity dispenser for food or water
  • Allow pets access to water or food for longer and for short breaks
  • Keeps dry food fresher for longer
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to fill and clean


Each stylish Italian made dispenser can be used for either water or dry food, simply depending on which way the tranluscent top is placed on the base: clear side forward for food, opaque for water. Two sizes: 1.5L and 3.5L. Easy to clean and fill. With no-slip feet and raised bottom rim so it's easier to pick up. Helps keep food fresher and allows pets to feed or drink for longer. The internal opening feeding area on the 1.5L is 9.5cm dia and 12.5cm on the 3.5L.

Rosewood Nuvola Automatic Food or Water Dispenser, 1.5L