• Practical, plastic holder for puppy training pads (with two free pads)
  • Accepts pads 54cm x 54cm or larger (Holder 60 x 60cm)
  • With non-slip feet, helps prevents pads slipping on hard floors
  • Helps discourage puppies and dogs from playing with, dragging and destroying pads
  • A simple solution to preventing leaks on to carpets and hard floors


Puppy pads are great, but have their "issues" when used alone. Our holder, from MP Bergamo, overcomes these by helping to prevent dogs from tearing and playing with pads and preventing leaks, protecting hard floors and carpets. And with non-slip feet they also stop movement and slipping, especially on hard floors. Supplied with 2 free pads and suitable for any brand of pad 54 x 54cm or larger.

Rosewood Gastone Puppy Training Pad Holder