• Made from 100% recycled plastic (except rubber feet) - equivelent to 70 x 1L bottles
  • Durable, washable, easy to clean and hardwearing bed for medium to large dogs
  • Ergonomic design, with rubber, non-slip feet for hard floors
  • Vented base helps keeping bedding fresh and can be used with or without a towel, blanket or mattress such as Rosewood All Seasons or Tough and Mucky 81cm mattress for size 95 plastic dog beds
  • Max external dimensions 94 x 70 x 29cm/ Internal floor dimensions 77 x 56cm


Our plastic dog bed is made from 100% recycled plastic, including empty shampoo bottles and food containers, and can also be recycled itself at the end of its (long) life. The small (size 60) is made from the equivalent of 20 x 1L bottles, the medium (80) from 40 bottles and the large (95) from 70 bottles. The beds are hard-wearing with a wide rim, ventilated base and rubber feet - ideal for hard floors. The blue colour is practical and attractive. The bed can be lined with an old towel or blanket, or a mattress, such as our Rosewood All Seasons or Tough and Mucky mattresses which perfectly co-ordinate.

Rosewood Eco Line Recycled Plastic Pet Bed 95/Large, Slate Blue