• Designed to keep pets cool and comfortable on hot sunny days
  • Activated by the weight of the dog or pressure
  • The mat automatically recharges itself as your pet moves
  • This pad is ideal for beds, crates and travel.
  • A Necessary Pet Product In Hot Weather

 Must Have For All Pet Owners When Temperatures Get Hot!

This cool mat from Rosewood is a great way for your canine friend to cool down on those warm summer days.

This Rosewood Chillax Cool Mat is designed to cool and comfort your little friend and means no more over-heating for pets that want to chill out.

It will be automatically activated by weight or pressure.

The pad will be cooler than the surrounding temperature by up to 10 degrees for 3-4 hours of constant use.

Simply take any weight or pressure away from the pad to start the re-charging process. It will only take a brief period of non-use for the pad to recharge. No refrigeration, electricity or water is needed. If you want to speed up the recharging process you can soak in ice water or even freeze (the pad will stiffen due to freezing but will soon become flexible).

To maintain the standard of performance from the cool pad, avoid placing in direct sunlight and near heated objects.

This cool mat for dogs is perfect for your pets bed, crate, kennel and car travel. Suitable for dogs who are prone to overheating and everyday use in Summer months. No electricity, refrigeration or water required.


Note This Cool Mat is paw puncture proof but do not leave dogs unattended with this product especially dogs that chew and replace the mat if there are any signs perforation.

Gel inside of the mat will not harm your pet.

IMPORTANT: Use correctly to safeguard the health of you and your pet. Read the Product Information on pack or enclosed leaflet carefully before use.

Rosewood Chillax Pet Cool Mat - Medium