No more over-heating! For pets that want to chill out!this chill core mat is designed to cool and comfort Your little friend. Made using sports technology. The chill core mat can be used both indoors and outdoors and is durable and practical. No refrigeration, electricity or water is needed.


It will be automatically activated by weight or pressure.

Simply take any weight or pressure away from the mat to start the re-charging process. It will only take a brief period of non-use for the pad to recharge. No refrigeration, electricity or water is needed.

To maintain the standard of performance from the cool pad, avoid placing in direct sunlight and near heated objects.

This cool mat for dogs is perfect for your pets’ bed, crate, kennel and car travel. Suitable for dogs who are prone to overheating and everyday use in Summer months. No electricity, refrigeration or water required.


Note It is not recommended to leave dogs unattended with this product especially dogs that chew and replace the mat if there are any signs perforation.

Rosewood Chillax Cool Core Mat Medium, Medium