• Multi-height drinking levels
  • 3 Litre Water Capacity with compact 20x20cm footprint
  • Super quiet isolated pump system
  • Easily visible max and min water level indicators with distinct noise when level is low
  • 3 stage filtration ensures healthy drinking water


Vets tell us that it is vital for your pets' health and vitality to keep them well hydrated, and the Cat Mate Shell Fountain has been carefully designed to encourage your cat or small dog to drink. Your pets will love the clean, fresh flowing water the Cat Mate Shell Fountain provides. The Cat Mate Shell Fountain is exceptionally quiet in operation and maximises the appeal of drinking with its multi-height drinking levels. The replaceable 3 stage filter cartridge (one included) keeps the water clear, fresh and free from odours, just the way your pet likes it.We recommend that the cartridge should be replaced monthly, or sooner if required. The pump's outlet is easily adjustable and the gentle flow is designed to eliminate splashing and reduce water loss. The pump has a low voltage power supply for safety and is provided with a 3 metre power lead for ease of placement. With a low power consumption of just 2 watts, you won't even notice it on your electricity bill. No plumbing is required as the whole unit is self-contained, just keep the fountain topped up to the clearly marked "maximum" level with cold tap water. The unique design creates a distinct noise when the water level is low. The fountain has a generous water capacity of 3 litres making it ideal for up to three cats or a small dog. Maintenance is simple as the bowls are dishwasher safe and the replacement cartridge easily slides into position. Only use Cat Mate branded 3 stage filter cartridges to prolong the life of your pump. The pump should also be disassembled (no tools required) and cleaned every 4 weeks (or more frequently in hard water areas) to prevent reduced water flow or pump failure. Full, easy to follow instructions on how to do this and a cleaning brush are included with the fountain. The Cat Mate Shell Fountain has a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee and the replaceable pump has a 1 year guarantee.

Petmate Shell Fountain 3L (Titanium)