• EXERCISE YOUR DOG'S MIND - This treat puzzle dog toy provides fun physical & mental stimulation for your dog
  • REDUCE BOREDOM & DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR - 12 treat compartments will keep your dog busy and challenged while teaching them problem-solving skills & redirecting destructive behaviors
  • MAKES FEEDING FUN & INTERACTIVE - Can be used to feed your dog dry kibble for an engaging mealtime
  • LEVEL 2 GAME - The Dog Tornado is a level 2 treat puzzle dog toy that is great for dogs that enjoy treat games
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Hand wash with soap and water, rise and dry


It’s fun. It feeds. It’s a challenge your dog needs! Nina Ottosson Treat Puzzle Games fight boredom, help reduce destructive behaviors & exercise your dog’s mind. It’s hide & seek with treats, and dogs love it.

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Treat Puzzle Dog Toy