LupinePet dog Training Leads in Basic Solid colors. Durable training leash available in ½” and  ¾” widths & in 15' or 30' lengths.
Extra long length allows your dog freedom and room for movement when they can not be off leash. Popular tool for training to develop recall, sport dog and hunting dog training and for use with reactive dogs. Training leads are often referred to as a long line leash, tracking long line, recall leash or check cord. 

Our ¾” wide Training Lead features a convenient swivel gate style snap. Simply push the snap onto the collar’s D-ring and you’re ready to go! ½” wide for small dogs features a lightweight, traditional swivel trigger snap. Premium components include:

  • Simple, secure snap for easy D-ring attachment. Features a swivel to avoid twisting.
  • Strong, soft woven nylon webbing

Covered by our famous  Even if Chewed, Lifetime Guarantee.


Durable, Long Lasting Webbing - Made of premium woven nylon that’s soft, durable & washable.

Stitching – Every Fiber Matters - Lupine utilizes the bar tack commonly used in mountain climbing products where superior strength is crucial.

Secure, East to use snaps - Lupine’s ¾” Training Lead features a convenient gate style snap. For ½” Training Leads, we use a lighter weight traditional style trigger snap. Both feature a swivel to avoid twisting.

Lupine Basics Training Lead

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  • Don't get us wrong, no collar is a match for a determined set of canine teeth, so we're not saying our collars, harnesses and leads are indestructible.So we know chewing can happen, particularly with puppies or in multi-dog households.That's why Lupine created the 'even-if-chewed' guarantee. Should anything happen to accidentally damage your Lupine product – including it being chewed – we will replace the product without fuss. Just send the product back to Collarways (the UK distributer) and we will send you a new one.We aim to replace your product with exactly the same size and pattern, so please don't ask us to replace it with anything else.However, occasionally a pattern may be discontinued, in which case we will replace your product with a newer pattern.Include your name, address & email or telephone number.There's no need to send the original receipt, but we would appreciate if you let us know where you purchased your Lupine items.