Lupine Pet Basic Solids Roman Dog Harness is available in 3 widths, including 7 size ranges to fit any dog. A traditional harness design that eliminates pressure on the delicate throat area and prevents even the best escape artist from backing out. Adjustable shoulder straps help to reduce strain on the neck and back. A top choice among dog owners looking for the best security.


• Traditional style offering the most security
• Welded steel hardware
• Strong, soft woven nylon webbing


This product pairs well with the Lupine Basics dog leashes and collars.



Adjustable/Roman Harness: A traditional non-restrictive harness, which slips on over the dog's head. Removes pressure from the throat and neck, transferring it to the shoulders and chest. Harnesses are sized based on the adjustability of the girth. Measure around the ribcage, just behind the front legs. 

To put this harness on a dog, unbuckle the clasp on the girth.The strap with the D-ring should be on top with the D-ring pointing towards the tail. Place the two adjustable shoulder straps over the dog's head. 

Pick up the dog's left front paw and place over the sternum strap, so that the strap passes between the forelegs. 

Adjust and buckle the girth.The girth should be supported by the ribcage all the way around, especially underneath. Adjusting the shoulders smaller will shorten the front-to-back length of the harness. Not recommended for cats. 



Lupine Basics Roman Harness

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    Finally, a guarantee with teeth! We understand the joys and frustrations of pet ownership - and while we can't replace the legs on your kitchen table or your best pair of shoes, we can do our part to help keep your best friend out of the doghouse!


    How does the guarantee work?
    Lupine offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products with the exception of custom made orders. Simply return a damaged product and they'll replace it for free! Please contact us for information.