LEUCHTIE Mini is specially designed for toy breeds and small dogs and uses 2 x AAAA batteries. The mini Leuchtie comes in 4 sizes and 8 colours


The LEUCHTIE is a 100% waterproof German-engineered LED dog collar.

Apart from its stylish good looks and 2 year guarantee, what makes the LEUCHTIE high visibility dog collar so special is the patented technology that means there are no switches or buckles to fiddle with.

When its time to go walking, you simply place this LED safety collar over your dog's head, and the unique sensor in the collar will switch it on. Back home and just take the LEUCHTIE off and hang it up for next time. Easy.


They come with full instructions including details regarding the guarantee 

Leuchtie Mini LED Collars

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    The Leuchtie is placed on the dog as a closed ring and it is only necessary to open it for initial activation and battery replacement.


    So the size of the head is the measurement you need - NOT THE NECK MEASUREMENT.


    Re-size an adjustable collar so that you can place it over the dogs head and pull it back off again without it being too tight and uncomfortable for the dog.


    Now measure the INSIDE of the adjusted collar with a flexible tape measure as precisely as possible. 


    Alternatively, create a string of strip of paper inside the adjusted collar and measure this.


    Then select the nearest size Leuchtie, remembering that there is only a very little amount of "give" in the Leuchtie.