Designed to protect your dog on cold, windy and rainy days, this highly durable waterproof dog vest is a made from breathable synthetic rubber material.

The soft, waterproof and elastic neoprene material of the vest is designed to fit your dog tightly for maximum protection against the elements. It keeps body heat in due to its excellent thermal insulation, thanks to thousands of tiny air bubbles embedded in the synthetic rubber material.


It has also been designed with comfort in mind. The dog vest is easy to put on and the adjustable straps ensure a snug fit so you can be confident that it stays in place, making it an ideal choice for light walks or more robust training sessions.


Additionally, its phosphorescent light reflective strips ensure high visibility in all conditions.


Julius K9's waterproof dog vests are used and trusted by professional trainers and pet owners alike.

Julius K9 IDC Neoprene Waterproof Vest

£25.99 Regular Price
£20.79Sale Price
  • IDC Waterproof Dog Vest - Baby 1

    Size: Baby 1 (XXX Small)
    Dog chest size: 11.5-14 inches / 29-36cm
    Dog weight: 2-6.5lbs / 0.8-3kg


    IDC Waterproof Dog Vest - Baby 2

    Size: Baby 2 (XX Small)
    Dog chest size: 13-17.5 inches / 33-45cm
    Dog weight: 4.41-11lbs / 2-5kg

    IDC Waterproof Dog Vest - Mini Mini

    Size: Extra Small (XS)
    Dog chest size: 15.5-21 inches / 40-53cm
    Dog weight: 9-15.5lbs / 4-7kg

    IDC Waterproof Dog Vest - Mini

    Size: Small (S)
    Dog chest size: 19.5-26.5 inches / 49-67cm
    Dog weight: 15-33lbs / 2-5kg

    IDC Waterproof Dog Vest - Size 0 

    Size: Medium (M)
    Dog chest size: 23-30 inches / 58-76cm
    Dog weight: 31-55lbs / 14-25kg

    IDC Waterproof Dog Vest - Size 1

    Size: Large (L)
    Dog chest size: 26-33.5 inches / 63-85cm
    Dog weight: 50-66lbs / 23-30kg

    IDC Waterproof Dog Vest - Size 2

    Size: Extra Large (XL)
    Dog chest size: 28-38 inches / 71-96cm
    Dog weight: 61-88lbs / 28-40kg