The Hotterdog Coat is neatly darted to fit the dog's back offering complete comfort and warmth with the minimum of fuss, perfect for easy use and for the less flexible or compliant dog.

As with the Jumper the fleece is amazingly water-repellent, warm, washable and extremely effective for drying wet dogs being used extensively for competition and working dogs as well as for after hydrotherapy.

The wicking property of the fleece allows for speedy drying of the wet dog after swimming, bathing or exercise in lousy weather.

Lightweight, easy-care and water repellent with a sturdy adjustable belly strap, the Dog Coat is ideal for the dog and practical owner.

The HOTTERdog Coat comes in 10 sizes, small Chihuahua to Rottweiler and in 4 colours: black, red, royal blue and forest green.

The packaging has a hanger for easy display and has clear instructions on how to measure, fit and wash the garment

The HOTTERdog COAT comes in 10 sizes, measure from back of neck to base of tail. 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28" 

Hotterdog by Equafleece Water-Repellant Fleece Coat


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