A fun filled latex toy for dogs, the Gor Toons Honking Pig is a super stretchy piggy great for throwing and light tugging, made with soft yet tough latex material.

Featuring an internal “honker” that emits a loud, clear, engaging sound whenever it’s squeezed, the Gor Toons Honking Pig helps encourage active play, igniting your dog’s senses and engaging their natural instincts to play, tug, paw, pounce and more! It’s the perfect size for all dogs with a stuffing-free design making it easy to pick up and carry around, with an extremely lightweight and realistic cartoon pig design.


  • Made with premium quality soft yet tough latex
  • Perfectly sized for all dogs, with a lightweight, easy-carry design
  • Perfect for both solo and interactive play sessions
  • Promotes active play, for a happy, healthy dog and essential exercise
  • With internal “honker” encouraging active play
  • Available in two colours, selected at random 


Available in two sizes:

  • Baby Honk Pig 17cm
  • Mommy Honk Pig 22cm

Please note this toy is not indestructable 

Gor Pets Toons Honk Pig Toy