The Gor Pets Whale plush dog toy is without question one of the cutest most playful dog toys that will ever find it's way to your dog's toy basket.

This friendly sea animal by Gor Pets features super soft plush fabric and is packed with everything your dog needs to enjoy playtime - or even a cuddle after all the fun is over. 

So what will your dog enjoy most.... will it be carrying their new Whale by the enticingly shaped body? or dragging it around by the fins? Or perhaps it will be squeaking one of the many hidden squeaks! 

The Gor Pets Whale may look like a simple toy but it retains an appeal and charm to dogs and there will is something to appeal to all. 



  • Multiple sizes
  • Honk and squeak!
  • Multiple squeakers
  • Side fins make a crackle sound
  • All sizes available in all three colours

Size Guide

Baby - 28cm

Mommy - 41cm

Gor Pets Reef Whale Dog Toy