• Sturdy mesh and strong polypropylene tape
  • Reflective finish for night visibility
  • Fit and Grab fastening system, including a handle
  • Easily washed materials
  • Length-adjustable straps, with folding system


Resistant, lightweight and technical, this harness is easy to wear. It features reflective stitching and a dynamic system that adjusts to the pet’s movement. The innovative Dynamic Joints system allows strap rotation to ensure ultimate load distribution when your dog pulls. Fiames harnesses adjust to any movement and rotation of your pet. Easily cleaned and soft on the fur. The Fit&Grab fastening system, which tightens lightly when your pet pulls, includes a comfortable handle and makes a helpful tool for pet education.


Red Size 10 76-90cm (35-45kg)


Coralpina Harness Fiames Red XXXL