• Our handmade luxury Tweed dog bandanas will add some character to the collar of your choice and are perfect for adding a dash of style if you are taking your best friend to either a wedding, party, special occasion or you just want them to look smart on their birthday, or they may just want to look their best every day of the year!!

    We have designed the Bandanas to easily fit onto all our tweed collars or any existing collar you may have. They are available in all the tweeds we use so you can match them with any collar and lead. 

    They very easily slide on to the collar which enables you to place the bow in the position of your choice. We make the dog bandanas in 2 sizes so to look good on any size collar of your choice.

    Small :- size in proportion to fit on to any 15mm or 20mm wide collar

    Standard :- size in proportion to fit on to any 25mm wide collar

Collared Creatures Autumn Houndstooth Luxury Harris Tweed Dog Bandana