Beaphar Worming Syrup is a chocolate flavour syrup for the safe and effective treatment of roundworms (ascarids) in puppies and kittens from 2 weeks old. Multi-use pack, suitable for treating whole litters and mothers. Also suitable for older pets that do not like to take tablets. Supplied in easy-to-use pump dispenser.


Active ingredient

Piperazine Citrate 9.4% w/v


Once primed, each pump depression administers sufficient syrup for 0.9kg bodyweight. For every additional 0.9kg of bodyweight, an extra single pump volume should be administered. The majority of puppies are born with worms, and kittens can become infected while suckling from mum. Therefore, puppies and kittens should be treated for roundworms at 2 weeks of age.  They should be retreated at 4, 6,8,10 and 12 weeks old, and thereafter at 2-3 monthly intervals. Adult cats and dogs should be treated at 3 monthly intervals.  Nursing females should be wormed at the same time, and as frequently, as their puppies and kittens, until weaning.

For oral administration. Administer directly into the corner of the mouth, or mixed with a little food. The rest of the meal should be offered afterwards to ensure all the syrup is taken. Shake the bottle and prime dispenser before use by slowly depressing the plunger repeatedly, up to 5 times.

Dosage Guide

Body Weight
No. of
Volume of
Syrup Used
0 - 0.9 kg 1 1.1 ml
0.91 - 1.8 kg 2 2.2 ml
1.81 - 2.7 kg 3 3.3 ml
2.71 - 3.6 kg 4 4.4 ml
3.61 - 4.5 kg 5 5.5 ml
4.51 - 5.4 kg 6 6.6 ml

For every additional 0.9 kg bodyweight, an extra single pump (volume 1.1 ml) should be administered.

Safety Advice

Consult a veterinary surgeon before treating pregnant animals, or those with a history of epilepsy or severe renal dysfunction.

Do not use in pregnant animals. Nursing female animals should be treated 2 weeks after giving birth and every two weeks at the same time as the puppies or kittens until weaning.

Beaphar Worming Syrup 45ml