Did you know 80% of dogs will show Periodontal Disease by the age of 3?
Dental sprays, water additives and brushing are all great ways to look after your dogs dental health. Prevention is key, and these solutions are an efficacious and cost effective way of keeping your canines' dental hygiene in tip top condition.

Key Benefits

Easy and quick to administer
Coconut oil provides essential electrolytes for hydration
Baking soda neutralises plaque
Freshens  breath 
Reduces plaque & tartar

Product Information

Cleaning your pet's teeth can be difficult and time consuming. Simplify your routine with the Fresh Spectrum spray. Just a quick spritz delivers the following benefits: 
Plaque and tartar protection, plus fresh breath
Essential electrolytes for hydration
Vitamin C

Recommended for

Adult Dogs
Not intended for human use.


Water, Cetylpryridinium, chlorine, sorbitol, polysorbate 20, flavour, sodium bicarbonate, glucose oxidase, proteases, thymol, zinc, gluconate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, coconut water, lysozyme


Lift lips on either side of your dog's mouth. Spray 1-2 pumps directly on to teeth and gums per side. For best results do not let dog eat or drink for 1 hour after use.
Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. 

Arm & Hammer Fresh Coconut Mint Dental Spray 4oz